Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mr Crocodile

Just a little update!
Heres a doll I've been plunking away at, a crocodile! Or alligator...no I dont know.
Anywho he's got his skin now and is in the process of being painted.
I made him very study and he's very playable, something I'm proud of. I'd like all my dolls to be used and played with, not just shelf art. c:
But I am still learning and have a bit to go before making good "kid" toys. He is by far is the closet I've come. I know as a kid I would have played with him out in the woods. Make him a huge house on a stump. Give him a crown and cape, a walking stick, and have him go on adventures.
He will have a nice crown, I just need to figure out how to best construct it. I baked him with a magnet in his head so when the crowns done it will easily pop on to his kingly self.

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